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Bringing Communities Together

Explore the world of communities at your fingertips

Connect, engage and interact

JanGan is a safe place for people to interact within their community.

You can connect with your community, get to know updates from your community members about the communities, share your opinions on important issues in the community.

To make this an indigenous app, we have built this app for our Indian JanGan in their local dialects to make it easier for communities to interact. Connect with like - minded people, discuss your thoughts with your connections and share with your friends across all platforms 

Be a  Samaaj Rakshak of the community and help us build a better India


People's Community App

Connect to your roots, engage with your communities and interact with people.

Explore and Join Communities

Get started by joining communities that suit your preference.

Connect with like - minded people

Engage with people across communities, participate in discussion and organise events with them.

Get your own private Communities

100% safe and secure. We have a stringent privacy policy in place which is there to protect your data privacy.

Phone Screen
Phone Screen

JanGan brings you into a whole new world of exploration

Personalize Your Viewpoints

Get personalised communities that match your viewpoints

Connect with Leaders

Get to know your leaders and be inspired by their humble community services.

Personalized ID Cards

Get your own ID card for every community you join, share it with your friends and be popular


What People are Saying

Our communities love us!

“JangGan is an amazing platform, We can connect with our people without any hassle”

“We love how JanGan has given us a platform to connect with our people seamlessly”

“Without JanGan it was so difficult to share major things inside of the community”

One Nation Community

Jai Hind Bharat Group

Jai Bhim


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B-25, Sector 25, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201301

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